13 Benefits of Honey for Health & Healing

Health Benefits of Honey - In addition to functioning as a natural sweetener in food, honey can also help maintain a healthy body and skin. What is the role of honey to cure some types of diseases?

Honey is liquid syrupy sweet and viscous. Honey is produced by bees from the nectar of flowers. Many benefits of honey that can be obtained. Honey has been proven to have a positive impact for your health, especially if consumed regularly.

The benefits of honey for the body not only do we feel on the inside only, but can also be used on the outside of the body such as the skin is injured. Other benefits of honey for the body are as follows

13 Benefits of Honey for Health & Healing

Benefits of Honey for Healing & Health

1. Improve Digestion System

Honey can help improve digestive system because honey has antibacterial properties. Honey is easily digested so good to eat children.

2. Relieve Cough

This natural sweetener found to have the same efficacy with dextromethorphan in relieving cough, possibly because of the honey also acts as a painkiller in the throat that forms a shield to cope with the irritation that causes coughing. Drink 2 teaspoons of pure honey before bed to help relieve cough and make your sleep more soundly.

3. Diet

If you are currently on a diet, then honey can also be applied. A mixture of lemon, honey, and warm water in regular drinking can control your weight. Fat will be eroded but energy drain, because honey can boost energy. Eat honey 2 tablespoons a day so that your energy to stay awake throughout the day.

4. Fixing Cholesterol Profile 

A study in Dubai found that adding glucose intake by consuming 250 ml of water plus 75 grams of pure honey for 15 days can lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

5. Sore Throat

Honey is also beneficial in treating sore throat. Do I add honey to the juice / juice drink ginger later on.

6. Moisturize Skin 

Honey serves as a natural moisturizer for the sugar molecules that exist in honey retains water in the skin. Honey to form a sort of shield on the skin to block the water in it and improve skin moisture.

7. Sugar Substitute 

Honey can be mixed in drinks or food. If you like to drink tea, try replacing sugar with honey as a sweetener.

8. Cure Acne

The contents of anti-microbial in the honey can relieve inflammation caused by acne. Mix honey and nutmeg powder with equal parts then apply on the acne for 20 minutes; after that, wash clean.

9. Prevent Cancer 

Cancer can also be prevented by eating honey because honey contains carcinogens and as an anti-tumor.

10. Heal Burns

A classic study found that honey smeared burns heal faster, just a little bit of inflammation and leave scars than sulfadiazine, burn treatment is often used.

11. Help you Sleep Soundly 

Mix two teaspoons of honey as much as a cup of chamomile tea and drink before bed. It can help make you sleep more soundly.

12. Improve Low Blood Sugar

Honey powder is able to improve and maintain the level of glucose is much more effective than sucrose or maltodextrin. Large amounts of carbohydrates and proteins are lost setrelah exercise can cause hypoglycemia in some people, but some researchers concluded that honey can prevent it. Patients with hypoglycemia can take advantage of the high sugar content in honey to provide increased levels of glucose in the body.

13. Make Hair Shiny

Wash hair with two tablespoons of honey and mix with warm water. This method is believed to add sheen to hair.

That's some of the benefits of honey for healing and health of our bodies. By eating honey on a regular basis, the health of the body will remain intact.
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